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Roadkill and I stayed up late with Tirith on the night of the 18th, into the morning of the 19th. In my dream we were up until almost dawn although in reality we went to bed around 2:00 AM. In the dream I got a text message from an IRL friend. It's absurd that they would send me a text at that hour but they did. I expressed exasperation at their text although I don't remember what it was. I then explained my relationship to them at length at Tirith's request. I don't remember what exactly I said other than explaining the circumstances of our friendship through elementary, middle, and high school. Roadkill was brushing their teeth and entered the room at one point to comment on the friend's religion. One particular point of interest is that I related that the friend married someone that they did not marry. The false spouse was a classmate that we both would have been acquainted with but an odd choice for my mind to conjure.