Kawaii mode: OFF

1-19-22 Update # 1

  • Updated all graphics including header, background, page colors, and decorative gifs. (Thank you for the green axolotl, Tirith <3) Need to update the bunny on the right hand side to grey or possibly green.
  • Added icons on the top navbar for all pages. It's likely that these will change and I may revert back to just text but for the time being I do like the images. The only links that currently have working pages are home, music, dreams, and about.
  • Added a page for my own music projects, divided into pages for each project with bandcamp embeds.
  • Added a dream journal page and recorded what I could remember from a dream last night.
  • Added an about page although it is more of a one sentence placeholder for the time being.
  • I am intending to track tv shows, movies, and anime under the videos page.
  • Video games that Roadkill and I play, and maybe some unstreamed solo stuff, can be tracked under the video games page.
  • Recipes and dishes that we make can be tracked under the food page.
  • Notes of interest/reviews/thoughts related to tea and coffee can be tracked under the tea page.
  • Photos will just be a catch all for photography. I'd really like to get an instant film camera and try some amateur photography stuff.
  • Need to add a general blog page but could not find a suitable icon this morning
  • Short term goal: Make the home page layout more intersting. Add more content, etc.
    Find/create more unified graphics.
    Add links page for the homies and just for stuff that I like.
  • Long term goal: Work through all of the necessary steps to set up the kawaii mode option.